Unrelentless Love for International Equities…..

inflowoutflow06092013Ok the ICI has just released their latest dataset for August and there is no abating for International equities buying by US investors and conversely selling of bonds….

This may explains why the 10 years is currently trading close to a 3% handle…It looks like those payroll data may bring some further volatility to this.cumulative Flows 06092013

As mentioned in my previous posts, I think we are still at  the beginning of the spiral and that we have not as of yet seen much change in the velocity of the asset allocation shift taking place, so I believe all fundamentals being equal there are some good opportunities that remain in my scenario… I am still adding on my equity portfolio and ponder about the future effect of an unavoidable bond market crash…and yes I still think the dollar will weaken as those flows amplify and the appetite for international equities accelerate….