Quick Update on US Mutual Funds Flows…

Ok I have to admit last month was not as rosy as the previous 9 months if you invested in equity markets, but clearly this is not a disaster unless your time horizon is that short.

macromap1month macromap9mth

The good thing is that despite the  short term underperformance of stocks the appetite for global equities and the hatred for bonds is relentless as seems to indicate the latest release of the ICI data.


Bearing in mind the overall size of the US Mutual Funds market and  the outstanding disproportionate bond holdings this should be comforting to the equity bulls. Even more comforting is that all  my equity risk metrics and my regime switching model give a green flag for holding equities.

vixrisk28082013 markov28082013

Of course there is Syria, the forthcoming discussion (or speculations) of tapering at the September Fed meeting as well as the German election to potentially exacerbate financial markets risk premium. However September is generally a month where liquidity comes back and this tends to dilute market risk….my bet is for a good old fashioned year end rally…sit tight !