Weekly Changes in G10 FX Trade Weighted Indices

I always liked boxplots. I think they provide a great and very visual way to position current data relative to their history whilst highlighting outliers. This is particularly useful as it helps to put recent moves in context of their past opportunities and possibly highly reversals and/or opportunities. To illustrate this I wrote a quick script in R to grab the BOE G10 Trade weighted indices from the website of the bank of England and posititon the most recent one week move relative to its history of weekly move going back to 1990.
The blue dots represent the most recent observations, the orange dots are the outliers over the period 1990 to date. The boxes emcompasses the observations that fall between the 25% and 75% quantiles. The Blue lines in the box are the median value over the sample and the “wiskers” represent an interval of close to 95%.