% Changes of GBPUSD across 250 to 5-day time-horizon

As a follow up of my previous post on boxplots I thought that I would expand my script to visualise the appreciation/depreciation of one specific values accross differnt time frames. In the below analysis I use the daily GBPUSD exchange rate that I grab from the Bank of England Website.

The blue dots represent the most recent observations for the given time frames, the orange dots are the outliers over the period 1975 to date. The boxes emcompasses the observations that fall between the 25% and 75% quantiles. The Blue lines in the box are the median value over the sample and the “wiskers” represent an interval of close to 95%.

The % change is presented in terms of USD relative to GBP. So from the below chart we can see that the USD appreciated by close to 17% against GBP which is within a 95% interval of confidence. And so on for teh other time frame….

plot of chunk chartdata